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Leslee R McElrath, MD

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I am a board certified Family Physician, IIN certified Health Coach, and certified BioTE provider.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana, with an undergrad degree in chemistry and creative writing. I returned to Dayton, Ohio for medical school and residency, through Wright State University, which are both heavily invested in primary care. In 2020 I followed my passions and obtained my certification in Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. There I studied with the world's top health and wellness experts and learned about over 100 dietary theories. And towards the end of 2020 I became a certified BioTE provider after learning about the health benefits and symptom management options available with hormone optimization. 

 My patient interactions are what got me through the rigors of an emotionally intense medical program. It was during training that I discovered my true calling within the practice of family medicine. And the addition of the health coaching training gives me insight into teaching patients to listen to their bodies and create personalized action plans based on their unique goals.

The decision to permanently relocate to Akron, OH was an easy one. The people I interacted with and culture that I experienced upon moving here made the decision for me. It has since become my home and I'm proud to be an Akronite.

I'm a very laid back and personable doctor. I gained this knowledge to help people learn what their healthcare options are, not to pretend that I'm better than them.

So if you see me on the street don't hesitate to say, HI!


Get to know your personal trainer!

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Charles Boyer, CPT/CNS

I've been in the Fitness Industry for 15+ years, but fitness became a part of my life at an early age through sports in middle school. I soon found new energy and motivation in life by bettering myself through fitness. I also began leaning on fitness as my own personal form of therapy for any problems life threw at me.


Fast forward to my military career and it was that same motivation that made me push harder than my peers to compete in military strength and fitness competition. The military made me mentally strong but my spirit was shattered after a training accident left me with a disabling back injury. For years this led to issues with depression and emotional eating from not being able to live a normal active life. I went from a lean fitness machine to a 250 Lb miserable blob. 

Eventually, I said ENOUGH! I was able to deepen my knowledge by educating my self in nutrition. Within 6 months I was able to apply what I learned and managed to decrease my body fat by 19%. 


Ever since then I've been able to maintain lower body fat, along with improving my overall health and physical fitness. I attribute this to living a balanced approached that includes maintaining strength within the mind, body, and spirit.


I knew I had found my calling after reliving my own journey through the first person I took through a full physical transformation. After that, I wanted to find any and everyone struggling with their health and fitness obstacles. 


Everyone has the ability to become the best version of themselves. It's not an easy journey but with knowledge, execution, and the right support element it can be accomplished. 

I believe that my experience coupled with my education can help you develop this holistic approach within your day to day life in an effort to achieve your personal goals.



Get to know your massage therapist!


Dana Lewis, LMT

I can't believe it took me so long to find massage! Even as a kid, I always had my hands on somebody and I still love it even after practicing for 7 years. In previous careers this would be about the time I would be looking for the next adventure (which just meant I would completely changed direction) & start something completely new. This is the first career where I want to do this forever. Massage is a great non-invasive way of healing most issues that plague us all. Examples include stress, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, chronic pain, muscle stiffness/soreness, loss of range of motion, poor circulation and the list goes on. After a brief consultation, I will customize the massage to meet your specific needs... whether it is a relaxation massage, deep tissue, trigger point, pregnancy, pre & post sporting events massage. Additional spa treatments also available like peppermint foot scrubs and hand/feet paraffin dips. 


Get to know your counselor!


Erika Graham, M.Ed, LPC-CR, CDCA

I have a great passion for working with adolescents and adults who may be expericencing emotional difficulties. I enjoy exposing clients to new coping skills and developing more healthy ways to deal with distress. Currently, I am providing individual counseling servies to address things such as depression, anxiety, grief, self-harm, and racial identity. My goal is to assist clients in gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, using Mindfulness, Strength-based and Culturally sensitive approaches.

As a Counseling Psychology PhD student, I have received extensive training in cultural diversity and I have an interest in racial identity development.


Get to know your meditation instructor!

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Chanda Woodall

I'm a yoga instructor, health educator and Army NG 68 Medial Series Soldier from Akron, OH. I've been practicing yoga for 6+ years and has been an athlete since 9 years of age. My passion for health and fitness has always been my purpose in life and I'm now walking in that purpose everyday to serve others. 

I have my RYT-200HR and Bachelors Degree in Health Education from Kent State University. I have continued my education in wellness by earning multiple meditation, sound healing and reiki certifications to help provide services and education for my students and community. 

My unique touch comes from my story growing up in a lower income area of Akron to become a business owner and educator of many talents. I'm able to connect and relate to others through understanding. My background being an athlete through college and past injuries in combination to my education in the health fields gives me a unique perspective on healing techniques for my students.