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Why did we create 

Regenerative Self Care & Wellness llc

It all started with Monarch Ideal Care llc and a desire to bring something new to Akron. Getting out of the mindset of only seeing your doctor when something is wrong is difficult to do when you are dependent on your medical insurance to provide your healthcare. Instead giving people the option to take care of primary care bills in a different way opens you up to greater options for wellness care. Instead, you have already paid your doctor so instead of waiting until things are so bad that you might need specialists or the Emergency Department, you can have issues assessed early. 

From there, it naturally evolved into Regenerative Self Care & Wellness llc, a business built around the idea of getting the most out of wellness options. Here we have the best options for wellness care and discounts for bundling services. These are services you are already utilizing; yoga, personal training, massage therapy, mental health counseling, nutrition health coaching, and functional/primary care visits. We have also partnered with BioTE Medical and Tailor Made Compounding to provide hormone replacement optimization and IV hydration therapy to make sure that you are getting the most out of your wellness efforts. 

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